The second annual College Court Report Mascot Mayhem field is set

UMES MascotPRINCESS ANNE — After a successful launch in the 2014-15 basketball season College Court Report has announced that Mascot Mayhem will return this season with 64 mascots. There are a total of four regions each hosting 16 mascots.

Last year Harry the Hawk took home the inaugural title of the “NCAA’s top mascot.” This season their new mascot HH3 will compete. He joined forces with Harry last year to help take on various task and appearances in the community.

“As a small website owner, and an avid basketball fan, it’s gratifying to know that a contest that was started by a Canadian resonated so well with American basketball fans all across the United States,” said College Court Report owner Tyler Bennett. “The first contest went so well, and brought a lot of attention to the site and created such a buzz that we felt it would be an injustice to not do it again this year. Overall, there are 64 mascots in the field. We went through all of the mascots and, with some outside assistance, were able to narrow the field down to the desired four regions of 16 mascots each.”

Harry took on birds like UNC-Wilmington’s Sammy the Seahawk, The Oregon Duck and YoUDee from the University of Delaware. In the final round, it was Harry who defeated Bradley University’s Kaboom on November 8th.

Alissa Carr, Director of Marketing and External Affairs for UMES said “I am happy to have HH3 compete this year. We know he will do very well following in Harry’s path. This experience is also great exposure for the University and a fun way to get the staff, students and fans involved in supporting the school just before the upcoming season starts.”

In an NCAA tournament style challenge mascots were randomly chosen to a “region” and will be paired up on August 1, the same day as the voting rules and regulations are released. Voting will begin on August 17.

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