Town police trying to address off-road motorcycles, dirt bikes

PRINCESS ANNE — Princess Anne Police are doing their best to respond to recent complaints about motorcycles and dirt bikes racing through town along Beechwood Street, Beckford Avenue, Dryden Road and other locations.

“A lot of them are off-road” and include mini-bikes, motocross, and 4-wheelers, said Capt. Rob Wink, and that puts police at a disadvantage because if they ride into a field or over a ditch, “we’re kinda stuck.”

“There’s not a lot we can do with them…but we’re doing the best we can,” Capt. Wink said, adding that “We’re not the only ones” as the problem ranges from Salisbury to Baltimore City. “It’s not just here.”

If the drivers are stopped and the bikes are unregistered they will be impounded with the owner having the opportunity to recover them later.

Vehicles that are impounded currently are scheduled to be sold at auction 10 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 24. They may be viewed starting at 9. These are vehicles found abandoned, unclaimed of forfeited. The auction will take place at the impound lot, 11336 Old Princess Anne Road.

If you wish to reclaim your vehicle prior to the sale notify the PAPD, 410-651-1822 during business hours. There are towing and storage fees assessed in addition to any outstanding fines, etc.