Soft shell crab season has arrived

CRISFIELD — The arrival of the soft shell crab season is here and with it comes the opportunity to enjoy the sweet flavor of this seafood delicacy — one of the best treats from the Chesapeake. This highly prized and much anticipated restaurant treasure, is now available for all to enjoy. What some culinarians do not know is how easy soft shell crabs are to prepare.


“The best way to cook a soft shell crab is with as little fuss as possible,” explains Chef Joseph Ascoli, from Handy International. Domestic soft shell crabs have a sweet, rich, buttery flavor that require little seasoning so the true flavor can be enjoyed.


In the soft shell crab application video, Chef Ascoli shows how to cook up two mouthwatering crab recipes: sautéed and deep-fried. The video highlights the entire cooking process from a simple battering process to the final plate presentation. With the deep fried application, Ascoli adheres to the classic egg white-ice water-flour treatment, but ups the ante by seasoning the flour with celery salt. The crab is then fried in oil for only a few minutes. From there, the soft shell crabs can be taken in any direction, from sushi to a sandwich.


It’s a good idea to get your fill now, because the season, although plentiful, is short. Soft shell crab season starts in May and continues through early fall.  For those who want to enjoy soft shell crabs year round, frozen soft shell crabs are available and just as easy to prepare. Simply thaw the crabs and prepare the same way as shown in the video. To learn more, visit Handy at


Soft Shell Crab Recipes:

Sautéed Soft Shell Recipe:

Deep Fried Soft Shell Recipe:

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