Remind those you hold dear to watch for deer

The Maryland State Police want you to remind your loved ones to watch out for deer as their mating season continues through November.


According to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, more than half of all collisions involving deer occur in October and November. Motorists should be more cautious during this time of year as ‘the rut’ or mating season for deer is in full swing in Maryland.  Deer will cross the roads at any time day or night which can create hazardous driving conditions.


Here are a few driving tips to help prevent crashes:


  • Deer are most active at dawn and dusk so be especially watchful during these times.
  • One deer crossing the road maybe a sign of more deer about to cross.  Watch for the other deer because they will blindly follow the leaders, mates or mothers.
  • Take note of deer-crossing signs and drive accordingly.  Remember, they are there for a reason!
  • Do not drive beyond your headlights, give yourself enough time to see the deer and slow down.
  • Deer hooves have no traction on pavement.  A deer may fall in front of your vehicle when it is trying to run away.


If a collision with a deer is unavoidable, take your foot off the accelerator and brake lightly.  Keep your vehicle straight.  Steering to miss the deer could put you in a more dangerous position.  You could cause more damage to you and your vehicle by striking a guardrail, pole, embankment or another vehicle. If you do strike a deer, contact your local police department so arrangements can be made to remove the animal.

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