E.J. Monheiser files in District 4 County Commissioner race as a write-in candidate

E.J. Monheiser, the communications guru for the Safe For Somerset Group has decided that enough was enough after Tuesday night’s latest theatrical spectacle at the Planning and Zoning meeting concerning the controversial industrial wind turbine ordinance.

On Wednesday, Oct. 29, only an hour before the filing deadline, she marched up to the County Election Board in her gardening gear and filed her papers to become a legal write-in candidate for the County Commissioner’s race for District 4.

She is running as an Unaffiliated candidate and in order to cast your vote for her, you must follow the rules for casting your vote for a write-in candidate.   The instructions are shown on the www.safeforsomerset.org website along with an article in SFS NEWS on the menu.

E.J. was very passionate when she said   “After finding out that Matt Lankford was not going to run, I figured someone had to fight this battle to defend our property rights, and it might as well be me…   at least if you vote for me, it will be a personal vote for you and your family.  Please tell your friends to vote as well, as the other candidates are both pro-wind.   If working together we can manage to pull this off, we will at least have ONE determined dog in this fight!  They got rid of Tammy Truitt from the Planning and Zoning Board, but they won’t be able to get rid of me if I can get legally elected !!”

After she finished digging up her tomato plants to bring in for the winter, she mused  “I retired from the US Government in 1995 as a GS-13 Computer Systems Analyst and have lots of experience in writing and interpreting government regulations .  I don’t have relatives here, don’t own any real estate except the 2 acres of land my mobile home is on and a 1999 Toyota.  If I’m elected, when I vote for things concerning this county, the desires of ALL her residents would be at the top of my list.  Compromise …. where all citizens are considered before decisions are made would be my objective.  Harmony can be achieved but you have to be willing to give a little and get a little…. not get a lot and give nothing. ”

“By voting for me you are voting against the “good old boy” network that we have now.  If we keep at this, in 4 years more of you will spring up and do what I did…. and we can fracture it even more and bring our county into the 21st century.

With creative minds finding better ways to bring jobs, reasonable manufacturing and tourism to our towns, farmland and waterfronts, maybe Somerset County citizens will find that farmers, watermen, businesses and regular working people CAN work together once they discover that we all really want the same things…. a good life, a wonderful family and friends and neighbors that understand our issues just as we’ve learned to understand theirs.  When good people work together, they can really accomplish quite a lot.”

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