UPDATE: Department of Defense report on Pioneer Green’s Great Bay Energy Center project

The Department of Defense issued its report on the Great Bay Wind Energy Center’s plan to place more than two dozen industrial wind energy conversion systems in the Westover and Marion area. The department “strongly supports the development of clean energy projects,” according to Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert O. Work, and is “more than willing to re-open discussions with the developer on mitigation, but a final agreement must be informed by ongoing studies to be completed in December 2015.”

Great Bay “remains engaged with the DoD” according to Pioneer Green Energy’s Development Manager Paul Harris, and is “committed to achieving a mitigation solution.”

More on this in the Jan. 14 edition of the County Times. A link to the DoD’s full report is attached below.


WEBSITE-12-31-2014-USA006599-14 TAB B – Great Bay Wind Final

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