Decision on motto for Princess Anne expected Oct. 19

2 commissioners absent for discussion, another asks that process be expanded

By Richard Crumbacker

Crisfield-Somerset County Times

PRINCESS ANNE — Princess Anne may be officially “Moving Forward Together” if this motto is adopted by the Town Commissioners.

A committee of concerned citizens recommended “Always Moving Forward Together” but the conversation by elected leaders after three rounds of discussion focused on the shorter version.

A vote was anticipated at the regular monthly meeting Oct. 5 but two of the five commissioners were not present. Commissioner Joey Gardner also said a motto, while “a fine idea,” should be expressed to a wider audience including students and the business community before a final vote is taken.

Vice President Garland Hayward, however, said he was impressed with the slogan and saw members of the concerned citizens group in the neighborhood seeking comment. “I don’t think it’s something they’ve just thrown together,” he said.

“‘Moving Forward Together’ to me would fit our town,” Mr. Hayward said, and President Lionel Frederick agreed.

Dale Parker, a spokesman on behalf of the citizens committee, said the words were not drafted out of thin air. He introduced it at the Sept. 8 commissioners meeting, it was discussed again during the Sept. 21 work session, and since then over 200 people surveyed have supported it.

“We’re still canvassing and talking to the community,” he said. “We’ve done that part,” and not only is a motto favored but so is the committee’s choice.

In addition, stories about the motto have been in the newspaper with the public having a chance to comment at the October meeting.

One comment was from Mike Hall, a former commissioner, who said there’s been no motto for 287 years, so “don’t rush into it.”

“You say working together, let’s get the whole community together, children, business owners, let’s get everyone together,” he said.

The committee “has done a lot of leg work, I’m not taking away from any of that,” Mr. Gardner said. “But I really think this is something we could get our community involved with even more,” recommending a contest.

That’s how the town seal was selected in 1986, with entries solicited before the final image was adopted.

Mr. Gardner was not ready for a final vote and wanted to hear from Commissioner Marshall Corbin who was absent and Commissioner Orlondo Taylor, who arrived near the end of the meeting.

The special meeting is 1 p.m. Monday, Oct. 19 at Town Hall. Also on the agenda is a vote to accept grants.

On a similar proposal involving the slogan on police vehicles that effort was tabled for more discussion at next week’s work session which will follow the special meeting. Currently some vehicles display “Patrolling” or “Policing” Historic Princess Anne which the same citizens group has asked be changed. During earlier discussions including the words “Protecting” and “Serving” were considered but no consensus has been reached.