Chamber to ask that Norris Harbor Drive be a priority

Crisfield-Somerset County Times

CRISFIELD — As a sign of support for a local motel that has heavily invested in its remodeling the Crisfield Area Chamber of Commerce will write a letter to City Hall asking elected leaders to give serious consideration to resurfacing Norris Harbor Drive as soon as it is financially feasible.

Somers Cove Motel has updated its rooms and guests give it high marks, said Kim Lawson, a former mayor now working at the local visitors’ center. “A first-rate motel,” he said, crediting the Patel family’s commitment to the city. The plan is to next resurface the parking lot, but the road does not give a favorable impression, he said.

Mr. Lawson said the road was patched during his administration but it hasn’t received any serious improvement since it was paved in 1964. While a culvert replacement is coming soon, the unevenness of the roadbed makes it annoying for haulers of boat trailers heading to the Somers Cove Marina boat ramp not to mention daily traffic from residents, seafood trucks, and others.

At October’s board meeting when the letter was approved City Council Vice President Eric Banks said he supports the concept but suggested chamber leaders get more information and direction from the city’s grant administrator about the current state of funding.

Chamber President Buddy Ward also wanted to be sure the letter “doesn’t club the city in the head” and include the chamber’s support if called upon in any way to assist so that this project is expedited.