Wor-Wic announces latest graduates and certificate recipients

SALISBURY — The following students recently completed their program requirements to graduate with a certificate (CT), associate of applied science (AAS), associate of arts in teaching (AAT), associate of science (AS) or associate of arts (AA) degree from Wor-Wic Community College this past summer.




Crisfield: Elizabeth Ann Crockett, AS, Nursing; Jamie Lynn Swift, CT, Nursing; Joanne Elizabeth Swift, AA, General Studies; and Mary L. Taylor, AAS, Computer Studies.


Deal Island: Audrey Jeanette Ratcliffe, CT, Business.

Eden: Barry Tucker, AAS, Criminal Justice; Courtney Tull, CT, Nursing; and Tyler Jamison Walker, AA, General Studies.


Marion Station: Melissa Hoyle, CT, Nursing.


Princess Anne: Brittney Bozman, AA, General Studies; Cynthia L. Cutler, AAS, Education; Katie Lynn Murray, AS, Nursing; Kaylee G. Nelson, AS, Nursing; Amy Marie Stacey Rowan, AS, Nursing; Candice Teresa Smith, CT, Criminal Justice; and Wesla Andrea White, AAS, Accounting.


Westover: Nicholas McQuade Joseph, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Jonathan W. King, AAS, Emergency Medical Services; and McKayla Pinchak, AA, General Studies.





Bloxom: Nicole S. Coulbourne, CT, Emergency Medical Services.


Greenbackville: Candice M. Goettler, AS, Nursing.




Greensboro: Jordan Jarrett, CT, Criminal Justice.


Preston: Thomas Austin Patchett, CT, Criminal Justice.




Cambridge: Ronald William Allen Jr., CT, Criminal Justice; Zachary Charles Howard, CT, Criminal Justice; Logan Ray LeCompte, CT, Criminal Justice; Cornell Emmanuel Stanley Sr., CT, Criminal Justice; and Kason Linel Washington, CT, Criminal Justice.


Church Creek: Bryant D. Simmons, CT, Criminal Justice.




Rock Hall: David William Nolan, CT, Criminal Justice.




Centreville: Caitlin Marie Smith, CT, Criminal Justice.


Queen Anne: Benjamin S. Schorr, CT, Criminal Justice.





Laurel: Ted E. Black, CT, Electronics.




Easton: Jason Burr, CT, Criminal Justice; and Anthony Cullings, CT, Criminal Justice.




Bivalve: Brittany Nicole Thomas, AAS, Occupational Therapy Assistant.


Delmar: Justin Conklin, AS, Science; Lori McGee Cordrey, AAS, Occupational Therapy Assistant; Rajeeyah Curtis, CT, Nursing; Brenda Lynn Fleming, AS, Nursing; Meagan Nicole Huston, AAS, Occupational Therapy Assistant; Lindsey McGee, AAT, Education; Stephanie M. Ralph, AA, General Studies; Sandra Rice, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; and Brontya M. Salter, CT, Nursing.


Eden: Kayla A. Judd, CT, Nursing; and Abigail Shea Nibblett, AA, General Studies.


Fruitland: Debora M. Huddleston, CT, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management.


Mardela Springs: Jordan J. Flaig, AA, Computer Studies; and Jennifer Zimmerman, CT, Nursing.


Nanticoke: Riley Taylor Scott, AAS, Criminal Justice.


Parsonsburg: Joanna Maria Brown-Clark, AA, General Studies; Jacqueline Amanda Fink, AAS, Criminal Justice; Dennis Emmanuel Goodman, AAS, Environmental Science; Michelle Moore, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; and Emily Brittingham Thornes, AAT, Education.


Pittsville: Jacqueline M. Bonola, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Chastity M. Chronister, AAS, Business; Regina Harr, AA, General Studies; Shelby K. Laque, AS, Nursing; Melanie Kirstin Rivers, AS, Nursing; and Mariya N. Trifonova, CT, Nursing.


Salisbury: Talha Ahmed, AA, General Studies; Marcus Antonio Allen, CT, Computer Studies; Usef Ansari, AA, General Studies; Sarah Armentrout, CT, Nursing; Phillip Beauchamp, AA, Business; Ishekia Beckett, AS, Nursing; Megan Bishop, CT, Nursing; Anna M. Bowie, CT, Criminal Justice; Devin D. Brown, AS, Nursing; Jason Brumfield, AAS, Occupational Therapy Assistant; Madeline Brumley, AS, Nursing; Shelby Carey, CT, Nursing; Morgan Conte, CT, Nursing; Angela M. Cox, CT, Nursing; Aja N. Cunningham, AAS, Education; Melissa Cutrara, AA, General Studies; Jessica Danielle Daniels, AS, Nursing; Jensen Davis, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Marc Vincent Douglas, CT, Criminal Justice; Malinda S. Finney, AS, Nursing;Courtney Folk, AA, General Studies; Amaris L. Ford, AAS, Occupational Therapy Assistant; Christie N. Fox, AAS, Office Technology; Kendra E. Goris, CT, Nursing; Lucy Bryce Guido, AAS, Criminal Justice; Antonio Alfaro Gutierrez II, CT, Criminal Justice; Sundee M. Haggins, AAS, Criminal Justice; Colton J. Hastings, AA, Business; Jenna R. Hastings, CT, Nursing; Erika Hearn, AS, Nursing; Farren N. Hilliard, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Joseph Keith Ireland, AA, General Studies; Jenny Marie Fink Jimenez, AAS, Occupational Therapy Assistant; Marie Denise Joseph, AAS, Occupational Therapy Assistant; Bradley W. Keen, AA, General Studies; Ashley E. Kelley, AA, General Studies; Hannah Spree Lang, AAS, Occupational Therapy Assistant; Stephanie A. Lecates, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Crystal Lewis, AA, General Studies; Brittiany Renae Lockwood, CT, Nursing; Sunny Dawn Lowe, AS, Nursing; Audrey R. Luck, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling;Brittney Nicole Marshall, CT, Nursing; Melissa Marie Morales, AA, General Studies; Michael John Moses, AA, General Studies; Sara Mullinix, AA, General Studies; Madeline Kay Naumann, AAT, Education; Jessica Terrell Needam, CT, Nursing; Koren Dishelle Nichols, AA, General Studies; William Lindbergh Parker III, CT, Criminal Justice; Raymond Ivan Perry, AA, General Studies; Elizabeth Catherine Phippin, CT, Nursing; Perri Denise Pruett, CT, Nursing; Rose Rowe, AA, General Studies; Nathan J. Schrlau, CT, Criminal Justice; Brandon Scott, CT, Criminal Justice; Bobby Somers, CT, Nursing; Terresa Souder, CT, Nursing; Jana Leigh Stevenson, AA, General Studies; Kaitlyn Marie Thompson, AS, Nursing; Adebola Rita Usuah, AS, Nursing;Sara Van Emmerik, AA, Business; Cierra Whaley, AAS, Criminal Justice; Katharine Elizabeth Widdowson, CT, Nursing; Valencia Williams, AS, Nursing; Ashley A. Wise, AA, General Studies; and Julienne A. Wise, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling.


Willards: Heather Lynn Ashcraft, AS, Nursing; Melissa J. Brittingham, AAS, Office Technology; Dylan Carpenter, AA, Education; Patrick Gregory Hogan, CT, Criminal Justice; and Amy R. White, AS, Nursing.




Berlin: Asiya Abdrakhmanova, AA, Business; Zachary Bounds, AA, General Studies; Morgan Brown, CT, Nursing; Lauren Buckman, AA, General Studies; Kelly Renae Clary, AA, Business; Timothy J. Coyle, AAS, Computer Studies; Michelle Lynn Craig, AAS, Occupational Therapy Assistant; Trent Crame, AA, General Studies; Christopher Alan Denny Jr., CT, Criminal Justice; Nathan Alan Denny, CT, Criminal Justice; Logan Brooke Duncan, CT, Nursing; Elizabeth Espinoza Fonseca, AAT, Education; Allyson M. Grinnan, AS, Nursing; the late Jill Jenkins, AAS, Office Technology; Brooke E. Johnson, AAS, Office Technology; Kirsten Elizabeth Jones, CT, Nursing;  Cory Lee King, CT, Nursing; Rachel Arlene LaBrunda, AA, General Studies; Stacey M. Landrie, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Kayla L. Lantz, AAT, Education; Brittany Nicole Mumford, CT, Nursing; Megan A. Newcomer, AS, Nursing; Alana Purnell, AAS, Criminal Justice; Krasimira N. Purnell, CT, Nursing;Bobbi Sue Sadler, AS, Nursing; Danielle Louise Sanders, AS, Nursing; Amber Nicole Shaffer, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; William G. Shea, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Kristina L. Smith, AS, Nursing; Abigail Taylor, AAS, Education;Arielle L. Toulotte, AS, Nursing; and Krista Young, CT, Nursing.


Bishopville: Jessica Anne Collins, AAS, Criminal Justice; Rita Sue Godfrey, AS, Nursing; Nate Langan, AS, Science; Christian J. Rodden, AAS, Criminal Justice; and Gabriella Thompson-Riviere, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management.


Newark: Brandi Sierra Rush, CT, Nursing; and William Daniel Tyndall, AAS, Emergency Medical Services.


Ocean City: Kiley Cooke, AA, General Studies; Dragana Donovic, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Jennifer Lee Hetherington, CT, Nursing; Catherine Marie Hunter, CT, Nursing; Monique Jeanne Maher, AAS, Occupational Therapy Assistant;Jessica Anne Malicki, CT, Nursing; Alexis Reynolds, CT, Nursing; Bruss Jersey Saldana-Aldazabal, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Julia Kathryn Shockley, CT, Nursing; Anna Rae Smith, CT, Nursing; and Daniel Benjamin Townsend, AA, General Studies.


Pocomoke City: Nichole L. Adams, AS, Nursing; Ashley Lynn Blake, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Ryshaela Dionne Donaway, AAS, Office Technology; Tyler Forrest-Hill Gillespie, CT, Criminal Justice; Gabriel Lucas Holland, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Leah Rose Petitt, AAT, Education; Kiara Pinder, AS, Nursing; and Melissa Ann Webster, CT, Nursing.


Snow Hill: Jonathan Clark Adams, CT, Criminal Justice; Tennille M. Gear, AS, Nursing; Sara Howell, AA, General Studies; Claire Maria Klingenberg, CT, Nursing; April Danyielle Powell, AAS, Office Technology; Zachary J. Shenal, AA, General Studies; and Curtis A. Shockley, AAS, Computer Studies.


Stockton: Christine J. Kuhner, AA, General Studies.


Whaleyville: Samantha Lynn Burton, AA, Education.

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