Summer school prevents 43 students from being held back

WESTOVER — During the summer months hundreds of children from pre- school to high school took part in one of five educational programs offered by Somerset County Public Schools.

Whether it was the Learning Extended Academic Program (LEAP), migrant program, ESY Extended School Year or the pre-K activities for youngsters at the Judy Center the goal was to prevent the summer slide in knowledge or skills.

Secondary Summer School this year involved 77 students and was held at Crisfield High School.

When it was over 43 students in grades 6–that failed up to four core content subjects completed lessons online to be promoted to the next grade.

Will Gray, supervisor of secondary science, said 11 high school students passed online classes that earned them credit that put them in a better position to graduate.

In addition, 17 completed bridge projects as an alternative to passing one or more of the four High School Assessments, which are a graduation requirement.

Students who can’t pass the HSA in English, algebra, science and/or government can complete an approved project instead. Mr. Gray said most students had started their bridge project during the school year and attended summer school to finish.

One student started and completed his bridge project during summer school working one- on- one with the teacher. Other students started -second bridge project if necessary after completing the first.

“If they complete the bridge project during summer school they won’t have to sit in a bridge class during the school year, and can take another course,” said Tom Davis, deputy superintendent.

While teachers were on hand to provide assistance, Mr. Gray said one thing learned this past summer was that the online- only program for the sixth and seventh graders may require more teacher input next year.