Investigation into employee-student incident in Somerset school

WESTOVER — Somerset County Public Schools responded to parent complaints about one of its instructors and suspended an unnamed individual with pay pending subsequent investigation.

On Wednesday, April 22, within a short time after understanding the scope of allegations toward the employee, Superintendent of Schools Dr. John B. Gaddis met with the person and the employee’s supervisor informing the individual of the allegations and of the actions that would be taken by the school system.

The Maryland State Police and the Somerset County Department of Social Services have been contacted and are conducting the investigation. After the conversation, the employee was suspended and immediately asked to leave the premises.

A statement from SCPS on this matter indicated that Dr. Gaddis will decide on the next step once the facts are in.

“Upon the completion of the investigation law-enforcement will make a decision as to the need for establishment of criminal charges,” he stated. “The school system will continue to evaluate the situation and make a decision as to the need for any further disciplinary measures once the investigation is complete.”

The specific school involved in this employee-student situation has not been stated, but social media is reporting the occurrence is based at Washington High School.

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