High schools involved in active shooter drill

WESTOVER — Several police agencies in cooperation with Somerset County Public Schools and its criminal justice students took part in active shooter drills at both high schools Friday morning, May 15.

“This is only a drill, and not an actual criminal event,” said school system spokesman, Leo Lawson in a Connect-Ed message to parents. “Maryland State Police, the Somerset County Sheriff’s Department, the Princess Anne Police Department, the Crisfield Police Department and the Department of Natural Resources have officers involved.”

In addition in Crisfield, Fire Department Chief Frankie Pruitt was on the scene.

The students from the J.M. Tawes Technology & Career Center played the role of active shooters and victims. “Drills have been done before,” Mr. Lawson said.

At CHS four students were initially reported as being taken hostage by students in white masks in the area by the elevator, and they moved toward the gymnasium. Police gathered and worked their way cautiously around the building to the front door where they were let inside. At WHS there were six hostages, and the suspects were in black. Both schools went on lock-down and followed their protocols.Active Shooter Drill CHS 5-15-15 (140)

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