Captain’s school comes to Crisfield

CRISFIELD — Starting on Friday, Feb. 6, there will be a professional Coast Guard approved captain’s school in Crisfield which can lead to a CG license. Even if the mariner doesn’t want to pursue a professional career, the training will make every mariner a safer more knowledgeable captain.

The course is 56 hours of useful information spread over 3 weekends including lots of “hands on” practice ending in a CG approved test conducted right in Crisfield which replaces the difficult CG test conducted in Baltimore.

Subjects covered are: Rules of the Road, aids to navigation, fire fighting, boat handling, marlinespike and 24 hours of “hands on” plotting. Your required CG paperwork will be furnished and expert advice will be part of the course. For those who need accommodations, Janes Island State Park will be open for an extra fee.

Tuition ($795) includes a study guide, charts, all material and CG approved test. Visit to see details or call 1-888-598-9598 to enroll. There is also another option, start online and finish in classroom at

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