Sex offenders will be checked on

No Candy signTOWSON — The Division of Parole and Probation along with state and local police will closely monitor certain sex offenders on Halloween, visiting their homes and directing them not to give candy to children.


Agents from the Collaborative Offender Management Enforced Treatment (COMET) team will concentrate their efforts the afternoon and evening of Saturday, Oct. 31. Within that time, COMET agents will travel to homes of those offenders for whom the intervention is determined to be most appropriate such as those whose victims were minors.


A letter and an unadorned, black and white “No Candy” sign is to be provided to all offenders under COMET supervision. The agents will work closely with law enforcement during the initiative.


Last year in Somerset County some 50 people were visited to ensure they were in compliance with their court orders, finding one who did not place the required sign on the door of the residence. That was reported to Parole and Probation. For Somerset County this will be the fifth year for this program.


Sex offenders should remain at home on Halloween from 5 to 10 p.m., during which time agents will conduct home visits. Offenders must keep their porch lights off and post the “No Candy” sign on their door. They are not to answer their doors to trick-or-treaters.

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