Crisfield, Princess Anne at opposite ends of burglary “Top 10” lists

National home security company Protect America has again compiled its list of the safest cities in each state and Somerset County’s two municipalities rank on polar opposites of the scale.

Using the Uniform Crime Report (UCR) provided to the FBI as its guide, Protect America analyzed burglary data and created the list “Top 10 Burglary Safe Zones.” At #2 is Crisfield, while Princess Anne rated #2 among the 10 “burglary hot spots.”

Crisfield in particular has been previously cited as having the lowest crime rate of any city in Maryland in 2015. Princess Anne, a college town, has an exodus of students over winter break which leaves many houses and apartments unoccupied and vulnerable to break-ins.

Zane Schwarzlose, a community liaison for Protect America, said the UCR was released Sept. 28 and “we’ve digested this data and turned it into lists of burglary safe zones and hot spots for each state.” Only communities that reported burglary statistics were included in the following listing.

2016 Maryland Burglary Safe Zones

  1. Manchester
    • Population 4,824, Burglaries 1
    • Town trivia: Every year, a female from the Manchester community is crowned the “Miss Manchester Fire Queen.”
  2. Crisfield
    • Population 2,659, Burglaries 1
    • Town trivia: Crisfield is known as the “Seafood Capital of the World,” and the city’s downtown is built on top of oyster shells.
  3. Brentwood
    • Population 3,205, Burglaries 2
    • Town trivia: Most homes in Brentwood were built during and following World War II.
  4. St. Michaels
    • Population 1,050, Burglaries 1
    • Town trivia: Movies “Ciara’s Heart” and “Wedding Crashers” were both filmed in Saint Michael, and former Vice President, Dick Cheney, and secretary of defense, Donald Rumsfield, both own homes in this city.
  5. Trappe
    • Population 1,019, Burglaries 1
    • Town trivia: United States’ founding father, John Dickinson, was from Trappe.
  6. Hampstead
    • Population 6,371, Burglaries 8
    • Town trivia: Hampstead has been named “Best Place to Raise Children in Maryland” by Bloomberg Businessweek in 2012, “Safest Place to Live in Maryland,” by movoto, and in Zippia has listed Hampstead as the “2nd Best City in Maryland to Achieve Work-Life Blalance.”
  7. Colmar Manor
    • Population 1,474, Burglaries 2
    • Town trivia: Famous for its location, “Dueling Creek,” where over 50 legal duels took place from 1808 to 1868.
  8. Thurmont
    • Population 6,502, Burglaries 9
    • Town trivia: Thurmount is located near Camp David, the country retreat for the President of the United States.
  9. District Heights
    • Population 6,175, Burglaries 9
    • Town trivia: San Francicso 49ers linebacker NaVorro Bowman is from the area.
  10. Oxford
    • Population 617, Burglaries 1
    • Town trivia: Oxford was founded in 1683 and is one of the oldest towns in Maryland.

2016 Maryland Burglary Hot Spots

  1. Cumberland
    • Population 20,095, Burglaries 280
    • Town trivia: Cumberland was once the second largest city in the state and referred to as the “Queen City.”
  2. Princess Anne
    • Population 3,331, Burglaries 43
    • Town trivia: Since 2011 the town has held a Muskrat Dive every New Year’s Eve as part of a street party to ring in the new year.
  3. Baltimore
    • Population 621,252, Burglaries 7,757
    • Town trivia: Baltimore has a long list of famous residents, including Edgar Allen Poe, Edith Hamilton, Frederick Douglass, Babe Ruth, and Francis Key Scott even wrote “The Star-Spangled Banner” in the city.
  4. Elkton
    • Population 15,940, Burglaries 184
    • Town trivia: The city used to be called the “Gretna Green of the West,” because it was a very popular place for couples to elope, until a law in 1938 forced a 48-hour waiting period.
  5. Chestertown
    • Population 5,092, Burglaries 58
    • Town trivia: Chestertown known as one of the English Colony of Maryland’s Six Royal Points of Entry.
  6. Cambridge
    • Population 12,606, Burglaries 130
    • Town trivia: Famous rapper and entrepreneur, Jay-Z, lived in Cambridge before pursuing his music career.
  7. Forest Heights
    • Population 2,586, Burglaries 23
    • Town trivia: In the early days of Forest Heights many residents were scientists because of the neighboring U.S. Naval Research Laboratory.
  8. Hurlock
    • Population 2,048, Burglaries 17
    • Town trivia: Hurlock was named after a local store owner, John M. Hurlock.
  9. Salisbury
    • Population 33,125, Burglaries 262
    • Town trivia: An article from The Daily Times ranked Salisbury as the 25th ranked city in the country for “violent offenses.”
  10. Federalsburg
    • Population 2,650, Burglaries 20
    • Town trivia: Federalsburg has hosted three different Eastern Shore Baseball League minor league teams. The teams are, the Athletics, Little A’s, and Feds.
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