Commissioner back in trouble with the law

PRINCESS ANNE — Town Commissioner Lionel D. Frederick again finds himself in trouble with the law, this time related to a property damage motor vehicle accident last month at UMES where he is a student.

Responding to media inquiries, university spokesman Bill Robinson reported that on April 24 shortly after 8 a.m. campus police investigated a complaint about a property-damage only accident involving two vehicles in the parking lot adjacent to the Henson Center.

The complainant told police a 2001 white Dodge Ram 1500 struck her vehicle, and that she knew the motorist identified as Frederick — who reportedly left the scene “to take a test.”

Frederick was issued a citation charging him with failure to stop after an unattended vehicle was damaged in an accident. “This is a ‘must appear’ citation, which goes automatically to the local district court,” Robinson stated.

Since being elected last June, Frederick has had several traffic and equipment citations but more serious charges were filed in September associated with a fracas between him and neighbors where he was charged with assault, burglary and theft.

By the time that was settled in December the state elected not to prosecute Frederick on all of the charges except second degree assault which Frederick entered an Alford plea to spraying mace on Marquis Cotton. An Alford plea does not admit guilt but acknowledges the state would likely get a conviction and instead the defendant accepts a plea bargain. In that case Frederick was granted probation before judgment and ordered to work 100 hours of community service within one year.

The state’s case website lists Frederick has having court dates June 2 and June 11.

Lionel D. Frederick

Lionel D. Frederick

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