Lewis arrested again just weeks after sentencing for theft

PRINCESS ANNE — A Dames Quarter man was charged with first degree burglary and theft just weeks after having been sentenced to serve 120 days for theft in an unrelated case.


Holland William Lewis Sr., 51, was arrested April 27 by the Maryland State Police Criminal Enforcement Division. Police report when he advised of his Miranda rights Lewis confessed to breaking into the residence on the night of April 25.


The homeowner called police about a burglary in the Deal Island residence, where $200 was taken from a bank pouch located in the master bedroom. A video security system was examined and troopers were able to identify Lewis. It showed him attempting to gain entry through two separate doors before making entry through a pet door.


In January, Lewis pleaded guilty to theft under $1,000 for an incident involving purchases from a stolen bank card. On March 9 Circuit Court Judge Daniel M. Long sentenced Lewis to 120 days in jail, which could be served on weekdays so he could work weekend charters to repay the $2,000 he was ordered to pay back.


At sentencing Judge Long told Lewis that he’s “danced around the criminal justice system” in the past advising him “Don’t come back.” Lewis, who is being held on $25,000 bond, has a preliminary hearing date set in District Court for May 22.06ct Holland William Lewis Sr

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