Streetside trash cans not for household, business garbage

CRISFIELD — The city reminds the public that curbside trash receptacles are not meant for household or commercial trash, but for the convenience of residents and visitors who need to dispose of drink containers, fast food packaging, and the like.

In a notice from the Public Works Department streetside containers are “to help keep our streets clean” and not for bagged trash generated by residents or businesses.

If trash from residential and commercial locations continues to be deposited the city will review the non-mandatory policy.

Currently the city charges $12 per month and contracts with Chesapeake Waste Industries to collect garbage weekly but residents can decline the service if they choose to disposes of it themselves at the county transfer station or landfill. For more on this call City Hall at 410-968-1333.

By comparison, Princess Anne does not allow residents to opt- out of paying the trash collection fee. For several years it was $120 annually but the Town Commissioners voted to lower it to $75 this fiscal year and transferred $40,000 from the fund balance to cover the expected budget shortfall.