Bay Foundation is worried about a Hogan administration

CBF HerzogI’m worried. And anyone who cares about clean water in Maryland should be, too.

When Governor-elect Hogan says he will “try to roll back” Maryland’s much-needed law to reduce polluted runoff from urban areas, I get alarmed.

And when he says his “first fight” will be overturning a long-overdue policy to clean up pollution on agricultural land that was finally put in place after years of delay, I start losing sleep.

I’m worried that what he’s really saying is that he will roll back progress on cleaning up Maryland’s local creeks and rivers and the Chesapeake Bay.

And there is no way we can let that happen.

Tell Maryland’s leaders that we cannot roll back the progress we’ve made—and still need to make—on cleaning up our state’s polluted water.

It’s critical that they hear from you now before the end of the year so that they know clean water matters to you and your family before legislative session starts in January.

Our existing law to help clean up polluted runoff from cities and new regulations to clean up pollution running off of farms are two of the most important policies that have ever been put in place to restore clean water to Maryland.

And they need to stay in place. No rollbacks. Period.

Send a message to legislative leaders Senate President Mike Miller, Speaker of the House Mike Busch, and Governor-elect Larry Hogan now—before the end of the year. Tell them these policies matter to you as a supporter of clean water for our state.

Thank you for making your voice heard!

For Maryland’s clean water,

— Jennifer Herzog is Maryland Grassroots Manager for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

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