St. Philips celebrates 100th anniversary with several trips open to the public

QUANTICO — St. Philip’s Episcopal Church in Quantico, Maryland will celebrate its 100th anniversary in the spring of this year and in an effort to create awareness of this historic site and fund raising, St. Philip’s is sponsoring a series of 4 day trips, open to the public, for 2015. These trips are planned to provide enjoyment and opportunities for all participants. Each of the four trips will be organized by Priscilla Timken at 443-366-2784 or


The first trip is on Wednesday, March 4 to the Philadelphia Flower Show which is the largest indoor flower show in the world. This year’s theme is tied to Hollywood with Lights, Camera, Bloom. The show includes demonstrations, lectures, vendors, displays, etc. There is the option to dine at the upscale City Tavern, established 1773 (that once hosted the likes of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams). The chef, Walter Staib, has a PBS show, A Taste of History. All food is prepared in colonial style. Lunch is $28 separate from the trip cost of $78 (includes the bus and ticket to flower show).. Reservations through Timken are a must. Another luncheon choice is the 114 year old Reading Market, cattycorner from the flower show. The Market has many food stalls (not one chain store), fresh flowers, vegetables, produce, fish, meat, bakery, wine, cheeses, organic goods, garden items for sale, etc. Few tickets remaining!


The second trip is to NYC to see An American in Paris, Sunday, May 17. The musical finds an ex-soldier in postwar Paris, with his artwork, 2 friends, a girl, dancing and wonderful Gershwin music (“I’ve Got Rhythm”, “Rhapsody in Blue”). The cost is $182 which includes the bus and theatre ticket. The full amount is due by Tuesday, February 17. Lunch options include brunch at the Times Square Marriott in its revolving, rooftop restaurant, The View, for $82 which includes tax and tips and a slow turning view of NYC including Times Square, the Empire State Building, past the East River and more. We apologize for such short notice but to guarantee our ticket prices, the above time frame in necessary.


A third trip is planned for a visit to Dorchester County for The Harriet Tubman Tour. Timken (owner/tour guide of Chesapeake Tours) is a certified Tubman guide and very familiar with Fr. Nathaniel Pierce’s work to name Harriet Tubman a saint. Currently, the tour might include Old Trinity Church, The Safe House, The General Store, communities on the water, Blackwater Refuge, the one room log cabin, etc. This is being planned for early in the fall.


A fourth trip is being planned for Williamsburg, near Thanksgiving, for a church service at Bruton Parish Episcopal Church established in 1674 which features the governor’s pew, a bronze lectern, an Aeolian-Skinner organ with 5,686 pipes and more. The trip will also include a Thanksgiving meal, the option for a carriage ride, and shopping. This is tentatively planned for a Sunday in November (15 or 22).


When St. Philip’s celebrates the 100th anniversary of its church building on Sunday, May 3rd, the day will include the Bishop Provisional, The Rt. Rev. Henry Nutt Parsley, Jr. and St. Philip’s Worship Leader, Father Nathaniel Pierce presiding, the Bells on the Bay bell ringers, a brunch and sincere fellowship. RSVP to Ginny Zirkel at 410-860-8818 or


Everyone is invited to this inspirational, century old setting with its stained glass windows, worn wooden pews and Hallmark card, white steepled, country church which still has a rope pulled bell! Small, well-behaved pets are welcomed during Sunday coffee hour. There are parties Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day. Activities and events also include Lenten Discussions (begin Feb. 26), Community Potluck Supper (March 10 at 6), Spring Flower Sale (May 15), an Annual Autumn Gardener’s Fair (Sept. 25, 1-4), ice cream social, outreach programs (at Halo second Friday of each month), a new organ, and …all the ladies, and some men, really know how to cook!


For more information on the church, go to which displays information on the beautiful stained glass windows, activities of the church, its history and vestry, etc.

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