Members of St. Andrew’s invited to parish discernment meeting

PRINCESS ANNE — A few weeks ago, Tom Collins, Toni Mitchell, David Warren, and Fr. Rob Laws of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church attended a special Convocation meeting at St. Paul’s, Ocean City.

Fr. Rob stated in an email that this was one of three meetings hosted by the Diocesan Discernment Committee “designed 1) to provide information about the process of discerning our way forward as a Diocese and 2) to begin gathering information from all the parishes and programs in the Diocese about who we are as a Diocese and who we are called to be.”

At the conclusion of the meeting, each parish was asked to sponsor a similar discernment meeting, to give all parishioners an opportunity to participate in this listening process, and to voice what they hear God calling us to become.

The youth of the parish will participate in this discernment process during their Confirmation preparation class on Tuesday, Oct. 28. The adults of St. Andrew’s will gather for a discernment meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 29 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm in Mary Buell Hall on Washington Street.

It will begin with a short Bible Study, and then participants will divide into small groups to discuss a series of guided questions aimed to help us think about who the church is and how members use their strengths to grow toward what God is calling St. Andrew’s as a parish and a diocese to become.

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