African American history to be celebrated at Handy UMC in Marion

MARION — An afternoon of African American history and the induction of the first members of the Role Model Hall of Fame is 2 to 4:30 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 11 at Handy United Methodist Church, 5630 Tulls Corner Road. Presented by members of the Marion Charge, which consists of the congregations from Handy and Liberia churches, refreshments will be available at the end of the program.


The keynote speaker is Dr. Wayne S. Miles, a physical chemist, pastor of Latter Day Baptist Church in Wilmington, Del., and a civil right activist. There will be poetry reading by Jametta Johnson, a medley of Mahalia Jackson spirituals by Dr. Joyce Green-Miles, and a recitation of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jrs.’s “I Have a Dream” speech by Clarence Bell.


It was in October 2016 when the planning committee for this celebration decided to establish a Role Model Hall of Fame to recognize those who contributed to the development of the African American community on the Eastern Shore and who had nurtured residents.


Committee members selected persons in such fields as science, politics and media who had demonstrated sensitivity to concerns of the African American community. Seven honorees were selected. They are:


  • Carol Hall, Ph.D., scientist at Goddard Space Center;
  • Darlene Robinson, M.D., emergency room physician;
  • Marlyn Holland Jr., executive at Hewlett Packard;
  • M.C. Langford, educator;
  • Deborah Gates, journalist;
  • Troy Brittingham, the Board of Education’s newest member; and
  • Margo Green Gale, senior member on the Board of Education.


Dr. Miles will be the presenter. The planning committee included Delores Evans, Clarence Bell, Eugene Borden, Dorothy Bell-Hutt, Alice C. Johnson, Clementine Evans-Spence, Sarah Turpin and F.M. Baker-Miles. The Rev. William M. Miles is host pastor.

Dr. Wayne S. Miles

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