McCready joins TidalHealth wave of rebranding

SALISBURY — Six months after the takeover and closing of the former Edward W. McCready Memorial Hospital by Peninsula Regional Health System to create the McCready Health Pavilion, the signs will be changing again.

The now-former Peninsula Regional Health System on Sept. 1 announced its new name: TidalHealth — and it precedes the name of not only McCready but also Peninsula Regional and Nanticoke hospitals, plus its affiliated network of provider services and primary care offices.

The name was chosen after months of research through interviews with patients and staff of the entities that make up TidalHealth.

“We spent countless hours talking with patients, physicians and employees to gain an intimate knowledge of our community so that we could discover a common identity and create something larger that best meets the needs of those we serve,” said Steve Leonard, TidalHealth President and CEO.
“Throughout the process, we have come to realize three key points about our health system: Quality is our constant. Special is our signature. Community is our core. We are better together and the community must feel it. Just as the tides shape our waterways, we are shaping healthcare on Delmarva.”

For Crisfield that means the Hall Highway medical facility is now TidalHealth McCready Pavilion, with the outpatient center TidalHealth Primary Care Crisfield.

Behavioral Health is now TidalHealth Behavioral Health and the women’s clinic is TidalHealth Women’s Care Crisfield.

Likewise, Dr. Charles Stegman’s family practice on Mt. Vernon Road in Princess Anne is now TidalHealth FamilyLab. The Salisbury hospital is TidalHealth Peninsula Regional.

All told the TidalHealth umbrella will also include more than 250 primary care and specialty providers in locations all over the lower Eastern Shore and southern Delaware, said Dr. Karen DiBari, president of the Medical Partners.

It will be the largest employed physician’s network on Delmarva.
Going forward the organizations now known as TidalHealth are never to abbreviated “Tidal” or “TH” according to a fact sheet outlining the new naming convention for this rebranding.

Meanwhile the names of the Alice B. Tawes Nursing & Rehabilitation Center and Chesapeake Cove Assisted Living on the fourth floor are unchanged. They are the entities that will remain on Hall Highway once the TidalHealth McCready Pavilion moves in the next few years to its corner location on Crisfield Highway and Crisfield Marion Road.

The site plan for that project, prepared by the Becker Morgan Group, received approval at the August meeting of the Somerset County Planning and Zoning Commission. Pending are stormwater management, approval of water and sewer by the Sanitary Commission, and a forestry conservation plan.

The building size as proposed is more than 27,000 sq. ft. with the ambulance dropoff in the back off Crisfield Marion Road. There is also room for expansion on the northeast side of the proposed structure.