Some truths about South Africa

I recently traveled to South Africa as part of a seminary sponsored intercultural trip. The experience was exhausting but exhilarating. Amid the bustle of going from place to place, I took time to reflect on a few truths that I would like to share with you.

Rt. 413 is not that bad

How many times have you been on that one way in/one way out road from Crisfield to Rt. 13 and the drive was less than pleasant? Perhaps you got stuck behind someone going 44 miles an hour and you could not pass. Or maybe a vehicle passed you while there was oncoming traffic which made it so that YOU had to pull over on the side to avoid certain mayhem. Or maybe it just seems like it takes FOREVER to travel that road with its never ending fields, trees, and telephone poles.

Let me assure you that Rt. 413 is not that bad.

We traveled from Johannesburg to Kruger National Pak on a two-lane road for 6 hours. People were passing us on little strips of pot-holey asphalt overlooking a 3,000 foot drop off the side of a mountain.

Then, we got stuck behind a construction vehicle to which we couldn’t pass for over one hour. Count your blessings, Somerset Countians, 413 is a breeze.

You’re not as poor as you think you are

You ever look at your checkbook and realize that you’ve got too little money at the end of the month? Or the new gadget that you would love to have is just too pricey for your wallet? Maybe your car doesn’t have that new car smell anymore like the one your neighbor just got but you could never afford the payments for a new ride.