Governor-elect Larry Hogan and his wife, Yumi, wish you a happy Thanksgiving

Governor-elect Larry Hogan and his wife, Yumi, share Thanksgiving wishes with their fellow Marylanders in the following letter:

My fellow Marylanders,

As we traveled the state over the last few years, we were privileged to meet many thousands of Marylanders from all walks of life, in cities and suburbs and on farms, young families just starting out and retirees, skilled tradesmen and professionals. Nearly without exception, the men and women whom we met along the way were grateful to call themselves Marylanders. For whatever their individual challenges and circumstances, they believe that if we work together—across the lines of party, geography, income, and race—we can change Maryland for the better. And we will.

As we enjoy our Thanksgiving meals, let us not forget our obligations to the farmers and watermen whose hard work produces our food and those who bring it to market, and the vital work of restoring our economy so no one goes hungry.