A Judy Center comes to Somerset County

Until this past summer, Somerset County Public Schools remained the last county in the state without a Judy Center. This has all changed and a new Judy Center is opening Dec. 3 at Princess Anne Elementary School.
Sadly, 35% of the children (under age 18 in Somerset County) live in families with incomes below the federal poverty level and in the Princess Anne area, and 77% of families qualify for free and reduced meals (FARMS). It is not uncommon to hear about the high level of poverty in Somerset County but there is a lot more to Somerset beyond its state poverty ranking.
Obtaining a Judy Center marks a turning point for the county and shows a new commitment to early learning. Last year, Dr. John Gaddis joined the county as the new superintendent and getting a Judy Center was one of his priorities. In addition, the county created a new Early Childhood Coordinator position and worked to add new full day pre-kindergarten programs for families in both the northern and southern end of the county.
The county also worked to provide meals for all students through the federal Community Eligibility Provision, an initiative through the U.S. Department of Agriculture that serves nutritious school meals free to all students.