Farmer leads effort to save derelict skipjack ‘City of Crisfield’

It doesn’t seem possible, but one man is saving a skipjack folks thought was destined for the burn pile. Farmer Bob Fitzgerald, of Venton, thinks he can rebuild the famous City of Crisfield. Dry-docked at Scott’s Cove Marina in Chance, the skipjack has been out of the water since 2016. It was captained by owner, […]

Restored skipjack ‘Somerset’ back on the water

By Brice Stump When Salisbury businessman Bobby Leath Jr. decided a year ago to rebuild the Somerset, even he didn’t know it meant that more than 80% of the skipjack would be replaced. Leath, owner of Fat Boys Crabs, was up to the task. Then again, few knew in November 2019 that Leath would buy […]

2nd lighthouse keeper to be honored

CRISFIELD — Lorenzo Dow Evans died 103 years ago and might have slipped into eternity — totally forgotten — had it not been for the special service he provided to Maryland’s maritime community. He is buried in the Riggin Family Cemetery in Crisfield, and there’s nothing on his tombstone noting that he spent more than […]

A lifetime of turkeys

There is, tucked into a tiny office in a shop in rural Sussex County, a sight probably unlike any other to be found in the nation. Each year it draws the curious by the hundreds. It’s a man cave’s man cave — a room stuffed, crammed and packed with enough turkey hunting collectables that the […]